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About Lindi Books

My work as a writer spans many subjects non fiction being my favorite to write. I consider my style of writing to be straightforward honest trying to bridge my love for creative writing with my child like mind.

As a child I could not read like others, due to dyslexia which I found out later in life. I always wanted to keep my child like mind, never forgetting what it was like to pick up a precious book and just walk around with it in my arms. I loved to look at the real pictures and of corse my favorite were animals.


 I started Lindas Free Library, a library without walls, with  the goal of children writing true stories for other children  and we did ! Sending their books around the world.  You too can share  a true story, please do, sending it to I look forward to reading the story and perhaps publishing your work.

Lindas Free Library  specializes in children writing stories for other children to read. We encourage all young ones or young at heart to share their stories at Writing, publishing Ebooks is a new frontier and we are still learning along the way. Please join us in this wonderful new world, where one's mind is free to think and create. Hope to hear from you!  ​

​"Lets Make a Difference".


Lindi Books is also a non profit, where I will be writing true stories for the young and the young at heart. I look forward to sharing the stories with the goal of making a difference through the written page.

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