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a fun poem.jpeg
A Fun Poem By C. Franklin

Finally a fun poem for all of us to read and the pictures say it all! This also would make a great social skills book.
This poem was donated to Linda's Free Library a non profit.

Grow Little.jpeg
Grow Little Garden A Children Poem

Lets put the fun in a poem, this poem has done just that. Written for young and young at heat. The pictures are delightful. This poem was donated to Linda's Free Library a non profit organization

Animal Faces.jpeg
Animal Faces

A social skills book. Real pictures show happy faces of animals and mean faces of animals to stay away. Written for all ages, preschoolers and to aid with children with autism.

Today a poem by C. Franklin.jpeg
Today A Poem

Tell people more about your book.

The Legend of the Doodle.jpeg
The Legend Of the Doodle

A  folk tale told to a young lady when she was young. She wanted to share the story with others.

Happy Mother's Day Everyday

Everyday is Mother's Day, send this e book to all the women who have helped you along the way. This e book was written as a poem, with every page a piece of jewelry and a piece of art just like mom would of liked. Another poem donated to Linda' Free Library a non profit organization.

A Fairy Tale.jpeg
A Fairy Tale A True Story

A true story of six young girls who wanted to make a difference. But how? This story is told by a bold and brave horse named Nez Perz. Read this charming book and see how the girls make a difference. 

Yes Book.jpeg
Yes Book

A social skill book. Real pictures show what YES means.

The Horse on the hill-A true story.jpeg
The Horse On The Hill

A true heat breaking story of a very special horse Nez Perz. Real pictures of this fabulous horse. Read how special he was to so many.

a little poem.jpeg
A Little Poem About Big And Small

A social skills book. Read this fun and colorful poem using cats to tell the poem in colorful pictures. This book was written for all ages. The poem was donated to Linda's Free Library a non profit organization.

If Cooper Could Fly.jpeg
If Copper Could Fly a true story

A true story of a young girls dream to win a big dog jumping contest. With a plan, hard work, help from others and willing hearts. Dreams can come true.

The puppy-A True Story.jpeg
The Puppy

A true story of the love and respect a puppy has for an older and wiser mentor. Great photos.  Read their growing up together.

Great Family get a ways-Death Valley Nat
Death Valley

Take a trip with the Andersons to Death Valley a true adventure.

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