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Write A Story

How To Write A Story

If you like to read stories or tell a story you can write a story. Don't feel like you can write a story? Believe in yourself! ​​Keep a notebook, write on a regular basis, collect stories from everyone you meet. Read, Read, Read! ​​Pick your story ideas based on what you know or can imagine. ​Decide what audience you envision for your work. ​Get inspiration in your everday life.​​

Get Started

Introduce the problem. What does your character want? Or start out with something that makes the reader read further. ​Add bumps along the way, make your character rise to the challenge. Keep bringing on the action. The darkest moment, is the moment where it looks like your character is not going to achieve their goal.​

The biggest hurdle, where your charcter has to deal with or overcome the big problem. This should be in the middle of your story.​ In the end the conflict is solved. Your character either gets what they want or not. Your ending is alway in your beginning. Example" two families are better than one, a true friend forever."​

Read through your story and edit.​

​Find someone to read your story

and give you feedback. ​


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